Our innovative services range from simple product distribution via our high-end product store to more complete services which can include placement to buyers and high-end consumers, wide-spread media coverage and/or the development of a UK or EU website for your product(s).

Whether your product will sell 10 or 10,000 units a year, we aim to help it reach its full potential through a number of different avenues:

Page Global Product Distribution In-House Services

  • Product sale placement via relevant buyers and high-end consumer base

- We can place your product(s) in front of the people that count. Whether they be high-net worth individuals looking to purchase one or two units or a buyer from a top luxury store wanting 1000, we are the company that can really help you achieve your sales goals for years to come.

  • Product press placement strategy and promotion via media relations

- Whilst negotiating deals is our forte, we fully understand the need for promotion alongside any sales campaign. Without a good promotion strategy, your product will never reach its maximum potential – also relevant marketing is a must for buyers considering your product over others. If required, we can arrange a full marketing and PR campaign through our various industry contacts.

  • UK/EU product website development

- Whilst we are sure that you will already have a great website geared towards your current market, we can assist with the development of country specific websites with extensive SEO and online ad-marketing campaigns geared towards the client-base which you wish to attract.

  • UK/EU product standards conformity checks and validation

- A crucial part of getting a product to market in a new region is to ensure that the given product conforms to all local standards and if required possesses all the necessary documentation to enable sale. We can provide assistance in the outlining of country-specific requirements and the achievement of necessary certificates to allow resale in a given country or region.

  • Additional distribution via our new luxury product website

- Not only can we place your products in front of buyers, arrange a comprehensive marketing campaign and potentially create a great UK/EU resource to push your product(s), we are also in the process of setting up a luxury online store to house all the great products we acquire...



With Page Global Distribution your product(s) can be:

  • Firmly placed on the map in new, otherwise untapped markets

  • Distributed alongside a collection of the finest products in their field

  • Introduced to the correct buyers at key luxury stores and extensive EU distributors

  • Given key exposure via extensive contacts across the EU press and web media

  • Assisted with route to market documentation as required by local law

  • Additionally promoted via our high-end EU product website - Higher Living


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