At Page Global Product Distribution, we essentially act as product brokers by taking on your product(s) region exclusive for a set period of time. Once terms are agreed, we then promote it/them via our various luxury distribution channels, placing orders with you based on orders that we receive from our numerous suppliers.

From past experience we know that it is very difficult to find someone trustworthy and interested enough to seriously take on your product(s) in a foreign country. So, with a fresh approach based on product nurture, we feel that you can only win by appointing us to look after your product(s) for their launch into the markets that we know best with real contacts that no-one else can access.

With Page Global Product Distribution, you will receive undivided attention on your product and the best chance for success by being placed in front of some of the most influential people in the industry allowing them to decide with the best possible advice. Once advised, our role is then to get them to agree to an initial quantity order on our pre-negotiated terms and the ball is then rolling.

To enable cause in effect, we have an exclusive sales team who absolutely love new products to promote and are usually as excited about the products that we distribute as the producer themselves! As I'm sure you know by now, our sole aim is to nurture products as our own, giving them all the attention required to truly maximise their potential within a chosen market.

What is the cost to you? We hear you ask...

We are so confident in our ability to sell and promote your chosen product(s) that the majority of services will be negotiable via supplier terms as arranged during our initial exchanges together.

As we are predominantly interested in acquiring high-end products from companies that are not already represented in the UK and/or Europe, we have the luxury of being able to set a region exclusive RRP that will in most cases allow for margins to be worked in both for our work and to allow the supplier to make a sufficient profit to make it worth their while to resell.

As every product is completely individual and thus needs to be looked after in a different way, we prefer not to lay out rate card prices initially but prefer to tailor costs to each company and product placement plan on an individual basis with budget in mind.

One thing we can always guarantee is that we will not receive any funds from you if your product does not sell - any costs/fees/margins will only ever be charged against orders taken to allow you total confidence that we are working together to increase sales of your product(s).



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