The process is essentially quite simple – you can get in touch with us via the contact page or we’ll be in touch with you regarding the product(s) in question. During this initial contact, we will usually request for you to send us over some further information regarding costs, quantity, particulars and/or shipping for us to decide whether there is the potential to take your product on board.

Once we have reviewed all the info provided, we will be in touch to discuss the potential opportunities for your product(s) and to lay out a rough plan of how we propose to get your product to market as well as potential possibilities on the marketing side with costs for your approval.

Once approved, we’ll agree upon preliminary terms and pricing as well as finalising the time-plan to market and development of marketing channels. Once everything has been agreed, we will then request loan samples so we can begin to place the product(s) in front of the people that count.

Our aim is to assist you to multiply your sales revenues whilst enhancing your reputation in previously untapped markets - we see ourselves as the vital missing cog in your set-up.


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How The Process Works:

Initial Contact – if you have a special item, we may well be in touch otherwise please don’t hesitate to mail or call us directly if you have any suitable product(s).

Review Of Product Info - once contact is made, we will need all the information necessary to determine potential.

Potential Opportunities – a chance to discuss how we can assist your product(s) and assess which of our services would be most suitable to your particular item(s).

Terms + Viability – once opportunities have been explored, we must agree on supplier terms and viability for particular route to market possibilities for your product(s).

Plan Of Action Developed Together – here we have take the opportunity to devise a full time-plan and appropriate process to begin the sale of your product(s) via Page Distribution.

Samples Sent Over – once we have decided on a plan of action we will usually require some samples of product on loan in order to carry out the plan in question.